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The number one cause of tooth loss is cavities, so it’s important to know how identify and treat them. Known as “tooth decay” in medical terms; these small holes can be found all over your teeth – even on the front! If you catch them early, they are easily treated, but can develop into bigger issues if left untreated.

Causes of Cavities

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Poor diet, high in sugar and starch
  • Fluoride deficiency
  • Chronic diseases or medication that inhibit saliva production
  • Drug use
  • Smoking

Cavity Symptoms

It’s easy to miss the symptoms of a cavity, but if you notice any one these things happening on your teeth, it’s time for some dental care.

  • A sensitivity increase
  • Bad breath or bad taste in mouth
  • Mild discoloration of tooth surface. (As the cavity advances on the tooth’s dentin, a dark spot will appear and the tooth sensitivity will increase.)
  • Pain when chewing certain foods like hard candy. This happens if a cavity has taken up residence within old fillings.

If you notice these symptoms and the cavity is not treated at this point, the tooth can become prone to infection or even abscess.

Cavity Treatment

Depending on the cavity’s severity, there are a couple types of dental treatments you can undergo. the most common procedures are:

  1. Fillings – Used for small cavities. Fillings require removing the affected portion of the tooth and replacing it with filling materials such as porcelain or composite resin.
  2. Crowns (or caps) – Used for larger cavities. Dental crowns require removing the decayed portion of the tooth and reshaping the remaining tooth. This provides a base for the crown, which will then be cemented over the tooth base. This provides a structure that functions like a normal tooth and protects from damage.
  3. Root canals – Used in severe cases. Root canals involve removing the tooth’s pulp and nerve and sealing them to prevent food and saliva from entering. Root canals are often followed with a crown to protect the tooth.

Cavity Prevention

Cavities can be prevented using good dental hygiene habits.

  • Brush 2x/ daily
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Minimize high in sugar and starch intake
  • Visit the dentist every six months for a complete check-up
  • Frequent dental cleanings. We recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year if you do not smoke (sooner if the tartar build-up is high) or twice a year if you smoke or chew tobacco.

Cavities are common, but they are easily treated and should not affect your busy life! Visit us today for reliable and affordable cavity treatment in Reno.


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