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Preventive dentistry refers to the procedures that contribute to the overall health of a patient’s teeth and reduce the chance of future negative diagnoses. Preventive dentistry is both instructive, where the dental staff informs a patient of the best way maintain or improve their oral health, and procedural, where a dentist will take action during a visit to prevent further issues.

Preventive Dentistry at Home

In order to prevent oral issues and increase the health of your teeth, there are basic oral hygiene practices you should be implementing on your own. Here are the basic at-home hygiene habits everyone should be doing daily:

  • Brushing your teeth – The most basic dental hygiene habit. It is recommended that you brush twice daily for 2 minutes, including your tongue.
  • Flossing – Flossing regularly is the second most important oral hygiene habit to implement in your daily routine. Flossing removes the harmful particles and bacteria that live between your teeth and in places that your toothbrush can’t reach.
  • Eat a healthy diet – Limiting your sugar intake is one of the biggest factors in maintaining good oral health. Bacteria and infections thrive off of sugar, so limiting the intake is an easy way to limit the threat of cavities and other issues. Drinking plenty of water is also an easy way to boost your oral health.
  • Genetics – Some factors (like saliva production) are completely out of your control! Genetic factors can make some people more prone to cavities and other dental issues than others.

Regardless of your genetics or external factors, maintaining good daily oral hygiene habits is the best way to prevent dental issues.

Preventive Dentistry at Silvaroli Dental

Although a significant amount of preventative dentistry can happen during your home hygiene routine, some dental treatment may need to be done in our office. Here are the practices and procedures we recommend to ensure that you live a healthy life:

  • Regular visits – Regular cleanings and checkups in the office are the first step to ensuring that minor dental issues do not become major.
  • Education – Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you on how to best care for your teeth at home and provide any additional instructions based on your individual needs.
  • Fluoride – Fluoride helps resist tooth decay. Our dental team will know the correct amount of fluoride to provide during your treatment, generally in under 15 minutes. It’s easy and effective!
  • Sealants – The surface of your teeth experiences a lot of wear and tear. To combat this and keep your teeth healthier for longer, while preventing decay and blemishes, dental sealants offer an additional layer of protection.

Preventive dentistry is important to maintaining your overall health and contributes toward a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Call us today to start your journey towards a lasting, healthy smile.


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